Procedure to set administrator rights to users



In Some centers, they are not providing the rights to user to do some work like install and etc. So we have to give administrator’s rights to user accounts. First you have to Logoff from the user account. And login to administrator account. (In some system, there may not show the administrator login. So you have to ask the name of administrator login id and its password with that center guys or owner). Follow all the procedures given in below. After this you have to logoff from administrator and login to user account and install our program.


Steps to Remove The administrator rights

After the installation of our program, again logoff with user and login to Administrator login and follow these steps up to step 9. In the step 9 it will show the window as step 15. In this window select the administrator and give remove and give Apply then OK.



Step 1

























Start menu


Control panel                click it





In Control Panel


Select Administrative tools and double click it


Step 3



In Administrative tools


Select Computer Management and double click it



Step 4




In computer management


Select System Tools and view list






Select Local users and groups and view lists







Select users and you can view the details in right side column


Then select the user name which you have to give rights if there may have more than one user you have to repeat the steps again from here after finishing every user.


Here rathika is the user name, so select it and double click it.


Step 7




While double clicking username (rathika) , username properties windows will opens.



Step 8




Then select “member of “menu in properties


Step 9




In member of menu you can view the list of members with this user.


Then select Add



Step 10





In this window you have to choose Advanced… menu



Step 11



In this Window Select Find Now   menu


Step 12



There will be a list.( it will differ from system to system)


In this---- you have to select Administrator (it may common)

And give ok


Step 13



In this window give OK


Step 14



You can view the list of members like this.

Then Click Apply


Step 15



Then Click OK.


It will Show the window again as Step 7.


If in some system there will be more than a user. So you have to repeat to give administrator rights to all of them and also install our software and programs in all user accounts.